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Printed from our website on August 11, 2022
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Franchise Opportunities
Franchisees are required to make personal contact with the Customers and potential Customers located within their territory. When soliciting a prospect, one of your best selling features is the network to which you belong and in that respect, when you make a sales call you are in fact selling for all members in the network. Of course, the other members of the network are selling for you as well. This requirement is of serious enough importance that failure to do it is listed as a breach of the franchise agreement. All other advertising is arranged and managed by the franchiser. Franchisees contribute 3% of the fee portion of their cash receipts to an advertising fund. This pooling of funds generates an advertising budget which totals many thousands of dollars and although the total amount that each franchisee contributes is substantially less than what would be a normal advertising budget for virtually any business, the advertising exposure that your “territory” will receive will be second to no competitor in your market area.

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