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Franchise Opportunities
Why a lormit franchise makes the difference

The total volume of work that is available in any given territory can be divided into two categories. That which comes from Customers located within the territory and that which comes from Customers located outside of the territory.

Any agency that demonstrates diligence, persistence, competence, knowledge and good business practices has a shot at achieving a reasonable share of their local, interior market. The Customers in the territory are accessible and it is cost effective for each agency to market to them. Each of the agencies also shares the problem that it is very expensive for them to conduct marketing activity outside of their local market. The further they attempt to expand their marketing activity beyond their local market area, the more expensive it becomes and expectations for a return on their advertising investment obviously diminish. Therefore, each of the agencies can expect to receive a share of the exterior market on a, more or less, pro rated basis.

Our experience clearly shows that the exterior portion of the market in any area, most particularly those territories outside of the major cities, represents a very significant share of the total market. The Lormit system is proven to be extremely successful in capturing a large portion of this lucrative exterior market share that is available in any market area. This fact, together with the training, operational methods, advertising and the skills of the individual owner/operator is why our franchisees typically become a major player in their area. Having said all of that, the bottom line is that in order to be successful you need to be good at what you do. Mediocrity will not success make.

You are invited to contact and speak with whomever of the current franchisees you so choose. They are all listed complete with full contact information within this site. If you would like to further explore this opportunity fill in and submit the foregoing application form. You will be contacted and interviewed by telephone. Then, if approved, you will decide which method of training you will complete.

Yes, it is that simple.

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