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Franchise Opportunities
History of Lormit®

"LORMIT", founded as Lormit Process Services by the writer and Company President, Timothy Haworth, commenced operations in the City of Edmonton in 1979. From the very beginning it was intended that Lormit would grow to have a National presence utilizing a franchise type of system. I say type, because I had never looked at a franchise system from either of the franchisee or franchiser point of view.

A couple of events, which had a major impact on our business, occurred in the early years. I would like to claim I predicted them but I cannot. First, Canada Post went out on strike and stayed out for six weeks. Many Customers who had always used registered mail for their services were forced to use a process server. We gained a great many Customers during this period. I think they liked the service because once the strike ended our sales volume, which had risen dramatically, dropped only slightly.

Then the real estate market in Alberta collapsed. It took nearly three years for this correction to work its way through the Alberta economy. We were so busy during this period we could not think about expansion. So, together with these events and I would like to think, with application of skills obtained during several years in sales and management, Lormit became recognized as the leader in the Edmonton market, both in terms of its ability to satisfy Customer needs and in terms of market share.

I knew that in order to support a franchise system we would need to have a significant if not a major market share in both Edmonton and Calgary. We opened a branch office in Calgary in 1984. We already had a major Customer base in Calgary for whom we had previously provided our services in the Edmonton area and a significant market share was achieved in Calgary in record time.

There was no such thing as a pc computer in the mid 80's and therefore what was referred to as a mini mainframe computer was purchased and, as none yet existed, considerable time and expense were invested having customized software written specific to our business and to support our vision of what would become our franchise system. The concept of the software has stood the test of time. It has since been converted to personal computer language and has been updated and modified to meet an ever changing business environment. It continues to support the original business model and each of the services that are included and offered to the franchisees.

Franchise regulation in much of Canada in the 1980's was quite different than it is today. But, by mid 1985 our franchise prospectus, outlining our franchise system, had been written and registered with the Alberta Securities Commission. Alternate franchise systems had not been studied or even consulted and as a result what the Securities Commission found as unique remains that way today. A number of Alberta franchisees, many of whom are still with us today, signed up in late 1985, following which considerable time and effort was spent fine-tuning our operations.

Being extremely pleased with the success of the franchise system and recognizing that the major basis of this success originates with the fact that the franchisees are Owner/Operators, as opposed to employees, the network has now been developed to include offices in most of the larger Cities as well as many of the secondary markets from Vancouver Island, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland Labrador. All the current locations including Calgary and Edmonton are now operated by franchisees and the franchiser devotes 100% of its efforts and time towards maximizing the sales and opportunities of the franchisees.

After several months of intense planning and work, on July 1, 2007 we launched this completely redesigned website which included an image make-over; introduction to the general market of our Remote/Mobile Signing Services, which we had, for several years, been providing exclusively to the Title Insurance Industry, and a change of our trade name to Lormit Personal Services, ...to better reflect "what we do".

With office locations from Vancouver to Newfoundland Labrador, Lormit Serves Canada
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