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Printed from our website on August 11, 2022
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Franchise Opportunity

Potential or interested franchisees can't wait to ask me, "How much can I make?" The truth is, I can't tell you, I don't know. It depends. It depends on a lot of things, the most significant of which, is you. We provide the opportunity; you make it happen. There are however several things that I can tell you. I can tell you that it is not a get rich quick program. I can tell you that it is not an unlimited opportunity. The opportunity is limited by the population base within the territory granted the franchisee. And I can tell you that over the short term you can expect the business to start very slow. It is not like building a 7-11 store at a busy intersection, stock the shelves, get your staffing in place, throw open the doors and expect to take in X amount of dollars in the first year.

All service businesses have a great deal of "goodwill" attached to them. You have to "pay your dues" by being in business without being given any business for what is very often an extended period of time. This concept is most prevalent with local, internal, Customers but is almost nonexistent for external Customers. As such, because it is a big country and takes time to inform the existing Customers of your inclusion to the network you can expect business to begin by trickling in from Customers located outside of your operational area. You will only win the business from the local Customers over the long run by "paying your dues" and being in the right place at the right time as well as having a proper and significant "profile."

Over the long term it has been our experience that in a secondary, non-major City market we have been able to gross an amount substantially greater than the population base, expressed as dollars, on an annual basis. In other words and for example, in a territory containing 100 thousand people we have been able to gross in excess of one hundred eighty thousand dollars in annual sales.

In the major Cities of 500 thousand and over it has been our long term experience that we have been able to gross about one half of that population base expressed as annual gross dollars. In other words in a City with a population of 1 million people we have grossed 500 hundred thousand dollars annually. The reason the ratio for the major cities is so much less is because the opportunity is so much greater and as such there are many more players (competitors) in those markets and for however long they remain in the business they obviously have a share. Albeit a small share it is still a share and there are many more players than are visible.

I can also tell you that the candidates that have most met our "qualifications" have gone on to become the most successful. Bear in mind however, that I do not define success by gross dollar sales, but rather by available market share obtained.

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