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Printed from our website on August 11, 2022
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Franchise Opportunities

I am not interested in absentee franchise owners and insist that the franchisee have hands on control. I work very hard to establish long term relationships with the franchisees because so little is accomplished in the short term. I believe that in business, as in personal relationships, the basis of a long term relationship is having a clear understanding of expectations. I believe that a clear understanding of expectations comes from true, honest and full disclosure. For that reason every effort is made to make sure a prospective franchisee clearly understands what is expected of them and what they may expect of me as CEO and of the network. Much of this disclosure is intertwined throughout the various topics contained herein. For that reason, if you have not read through all of the material presented herein please go back and do so now. I understand that life not only changes; it is full of the unexpected. But more often than not we do have an element of control and it is doing the right thing at these times that defines who we truly are.

Each applicant is evaluated on their own merit and selection is based upon the franchiser's opinion of the candidate who is most likely to be successful. First and foremost we are looking for honest men and women. Is experience important? No. Not, at all. We will train you. Each territory contains a focal community which, from a marketing perspective, it is of paramount importance that we operate from. We are looking for an individual who resides in that community because that is where, from a lifestyle point of view, they choose to reside. The majority of our successful long term franchisees are entrepreneurs who, in order to remain in their chosen community, find it necessary to couple several non-conflicting business opportunities. Choosing what business is often a matter of personal interest, necessity, opportunity, being in the right place at the right time and “what it costs”.

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