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Printed from our website on November 27, 2021
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Franchise Opportunities
Set up costs
The franchisee must possess the basic minimum in terms of office equipment. You require a computer with word processing capability and internet access as well as quality printing and copying capability. You must obtain a dedicated business telephone number, which, for many franchisees, represents their only fixed overhead cost. All personnel must carry an internet accessible cell phone (with at least a 3.5" diagonal touch display) while on service and/or attempted service calls. You must be able to make copies of documents and you must be able to send and receive faxes. You must provide a municipal address for courier purposes and you must provide a dedicated e-mail address. Invoice forms and letterhead can be produced internally, but business cards in a mandatory format, which support a major portion of your local marketing, cost $91.00 + shipping.
Minimal initial investment and set up costs however, are not the only reasons “why a Lormit franchise makes a difference”.

With office locations from Vancouver to Newfoundland Labrador, Lormit Serves Canada
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