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Printed from our website on November 27, 2021
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What we do

Our business currently includes:


This is the personal delivery of notice in legal proceedings as evidenced by a sworn affidavit as proof of the service.


This consists of making an appointment to meet at the Signer's chosen time and location to:

  1. Obtain their signature(s), or
  2. Obtain and witness their signature(s), or
  3. Obtain and witness their signature and provide our sworn affidavit of execution as to having done so, or
  4. Obtain their signature under Oaths as taken by a Commissioner for Oaths,* or
  5. Obtain their signature under Oath as taken by a Notary Public.*

*These services are not available in all Provinces.


This is the physical confirmation of whether a property is occupied or not. We take pictures, attempt to make contact with the occupants or the neighbours, and if requested we also serve non-filed notices and/or filed legal notices. Finally a written report as to our findings along with 2 digital pictures are provided to the client.

More than one enthusiastic franchise applicant has stated to me “Yours is a recession proof business.” I would have liked to have left that alone and let the comment speak for itself, but the truth is, yes, our “process service” business does do its best during poor economic times. We don’t control the economy. In fact, although small business, in total, has a huge impact on the economy, our entire Industry, in total, would have a minuscule effect. And the opposing fact is that during a period of economic growth and opportunity the total volume of process serving business available to us is greatly reduced. I take great pride in the fact that we have not only survived the recent unprecedented term of economic growth; we have also grown. Many of you reading this have never experienced a major recession, but believe me the economic pendulum swings and swing again it will! Opps, I think it is swinging right now (05 2010).

On the other hand our Remote/Mobile Signing services provide us the greatest opportunity for business volumes during a growing, vibrant economy. Now, with the addition of the Remote/Mobile Signing services, that “recession proof” statement feels more honest. We are currently in our 42nd year of operation and still look for ways to attain our “goals” and secure our future for the long term.

With office locations from Vancouver to Newfoundland Labrador, Lormit Serves Canada
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