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Printed from our website on June 27, 2022
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Process Serving Schedule Of Fees “B”
When it comes to Process Serving, Lormit® has you covered.

Fees Effective November 1, 2019
(Subject to change without notice)

Applicable in all locations other than major metropolitan cities.

Attempted Service 12.00
Service (1st Party) 52.50
Additional Party(s) at the same time & place 37.50
Secondary Mail Service (where applicable) 18.00
Kilometres, Return See Location Listing
ADDITIONAL FEES (upon request)
Waiting Time / Per Hour 80.00
Affidavits in Support of Applications 52.50
Rush Surcharge (24hrs or less) 35.00
Agency Fee (plus disbursements) 75.00
Per File (plus disbursements) 35.00
Each additional document 10.00
Per Hour (plus disbursements)
Minimum Charge: 1.5 hours
Per File (plus disbursements) 105.00

FEES QUOTED DO NOT INCLUDE GST/HST OR NECESSARY DISBURSEMENTS (Such as Affidavit Execution fees, where applicable)

*Please be advised that although some of our operators may hold a Private Investigators License, most do not and therefore will not offer a full range of services.

With office locations from Vancouver to Newfoundland Labrador, Lormit Serves Canada
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