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Printed from our website on June 27, 2022
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Services for non-lawyers
Here are some ways non-lawyers can benefit from our services.

Lawyers have the combination of specialized training and essential experience that uniquely qualifies them to provide legal advice. It should come as no surprise that we strongly encourage anyone with any questions whatsoever about their legal rights and responsibilities to consult a lawyer before signing a legal document or participating in any legal process. Those who take shortcuts to try to avoid paying for legal advice often end up wishing that they had not tried to cut so many corners.

Typically, we deal with lawyers who need to use our services on behalf of their clients. However, there are still some situations where a person might want to deal with us directly. For example, the small claims court process is designed to allow people to resolve disputes involving relatively small sums of money without needing to be represented by a lawyer. As another example, sometimes people who have separated on relatively good terms are able to work out all the details of their divorce among themselves and decide to apply for what is often called an uncontested or desktop divorce without legal representation.

Even in these cases, it is often wise for you to have an initial consultation with the lawyer just to make sure that you understand your legal rights and responsibilities before accessing the justice system on your own. In this way you can have the best of both worlds, the advice of a lawyer and the cost savings that come from dealing with relatively simple procedures on your own.

When representing yourself, there are a number services we offer which you may find that you need. For example, even in relatively simple legal procedures it is necessary to file affidavits and other documents with the court. Affidavits are sworn documents which must be signed in the presence of a person authorized by the applicable Provincial Government to witness your signature and take your oath. Swearing affidavits and filing court documents are among the services we provide.

Again, in almost all legal proceedings it is necessary for you to officially deliver legal documents to the other parties involved in your case. This step is usually known as "service" and someone who provides that service is known as a "process server". This too is a service that we provide. In fact, we also perform a related service known as "skip tracing". This refers to locating a person who you need to serve with legal documents when you do not know that person's current address or place of work.

In this short article we are only able to provide you with a few examples of the many and varied services we provide. Whether you are going to small claims court or processing your own divorce we encourage you to contact us about any assistance you require. Once again, if you need legal advice, please consult a lawyer. But for any of the services we provide, we would be more than happy to assist you.

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