Feedback From Our Valued Clients


Fantastic!! Thank you for your assistance! You are always so easy to work with, you keep me in the loop and the job gets done ASAP, I truly appreciate Process Servers like Lormit has � Thanks,

Jan Larrett


You guys are the best.

Jason Grandsinger
First Legal Investigations


Thank you and excellent work! I await your invoice in due course and thank you for your conscientious attention throughout.

Stefano G. Tripodi
Hackett Simpson Tripodi
Barristers & Solicitors


Persistence pays off. Excellent job as usual. Thank you. Yours truly,

David Shelly,
Divorce Specialist
Untie The Knot


You have no idea how happy we all are that you were able to be a rock star on this for us! Thank you so much Leslie!!

Bailie Smith, Legal Assistant
Lakefield LLP


Hi Leslie, Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly. You are an absolute rockstar! Regards,

Bailie Smith, Legal Assistant
Lakefield LLP


I appreciate your efficiency and help! Best processing service to work with

Andrea Beacock
Deputy Public Guardian
Office of the Public Guardian


Hello, your service outclassed many servers we have used in the past.

Tony Goldberg
Firm Manager
AGS Law Professional Corp.


Hi My name is Gwen and I recently had the pleasure of enlisting the services of Helen Gervais from your Grande Prairie office. I just want to say the Helen was wonderful to deal with. Helen was very courteous and professional and clearly explained what needed to be done. She was able to facilitate my request with the same day. I would highly recommend Lormit.

Best regards,


I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Jeramy Berberich in your Lethbridge office. Jeramy has attended to serving a number of documents for us over the past while. Some were easy and some were not so easy and he has had to deal with some pretty "interesting" personalities for us. He has always accepted each challenge and has gone above and beyond in order to be efficient and meet all deadlines and in communicating with me! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate his professionalism and his true ability to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Gaye Saruwatari, Paralegal
Sugimoto & Company


You are amazing Leslie!! It's a pleasure working with you. Thank you! Have a nice weekend!

Cathy Hoang
Roszler & Associates


Robert at Lormit was a pleasure to deal with, he kept me informed all the way through the process, knowledgeable and polite, I would highly recommend using their services!

Stuart West


These people care about what they do and how they interact. What was suppose to be a nightmare for us turned out to go a smooth as pie. Above and beyond the call, personable and EXTREMELY HELPFUL AND KNOWLEDGABLE. You need not go anywhere else. The rates were beyond reasonable but the attention to detail and service was truly exceptional. Thank you so much for helping us. People like this are rare be happy your reading this review because you'll be looked after with great care. 10 stars.



Thank you! This poor client has been trying to serve someone for over a year so they can get divorced and remarried after having rebuilt their family over many years - and even though this family want no part of her - they have tried to evade service like no bodies business. You have just improved the lives of two children dramatically. Thank you for the work you do.

Kalysa Kirk
Staff Lawyer
Nova Scotia Legal Aid


Hello Darrell, Please send info to Lormit Toronto to send the Pre-Legal Letter. They are amazing with their Details. Thanks!

Yolanta Bartoszewski
Manager, Collections and Asset Recovery
Vault Credit Corporation


Thank you Leslie. I enjoy working with you also. You are always so organized you make my job easier.

Miller Thomson LLP


Thank you Leslie. Always a pleasure working with Lormit Toronto when us Winnipeg people come a ringing.

Brian E. Roach
Tapper Cuddy LLP


Thank you so much for your awesome work.

Paula Herrero
First Legal | Investigations


Thank you Leslie! Your service is amazing!!!!



Good afternoon Leslie, I wanted to take this time to say thank you for all the hard work you have done this year. It was such a pleasure working with you and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season and happy New Year! "See" you in the next year when we do this all over again! Have a wonderful day!

Arsaima Sultan
Legal Assistant
Litco Law


Good Morning! Thank you very much for your quick and efficient service! Much appreciated.

Frances Oulahen
Assistant to George F. McFadyen
McFadyen Family Law


Hi Leslie! I also have some AMAZING news to pass on; the insurance company came back with a settlement already for 95% of the amount I was seeking!! So, no court proceedings and pretty much a total win!! Wouldn't have been possible without the great lengths you and your team went to get this document served for me! Much appreciated and will definitely recommend your service to anyone needing assistance in that field! Warm regards,



Appreciated Belinda - what a fantastic tool (Lormit Client Access) with that link! Enjoy your Friday. Best,

Kirk R. Goodman, Lawyer


Thanks for your excellent service! Regards.

Phillip Cramer, LL.B., B.Sc.


Thought I would let you know that the court relied on your affidavit and commented how thorough it was. Thanks to your efforts we were successful. Best Regards,

Brenda Muliner


Good morning, Patrick Thank you so much for the update, yes, please serve Maria today. I will file the documents once I receive the originals. Our legal counsel is still in court, but she is aware of the situation. I really like your updated system, it appears to be efficient and easily understood. Thanks again,

Andrea Beacock
Public Guardian Assistant
Office of the Public Guardian
Department of Health and Social Services


They're very fair and kind hearted. The best thing that happened from a recent mess was meeting Helen. She has to be one of the nicest people I have met since I've moved here.

Beki R


Wow. That's awesome of you guys for getting this done, and on time! You're amazing. Thank you so much! The AOS is perfect as is. You can send it anytime, no rush. Have a fantastic day!

Monica Kramer,
Litigation Assistant



Thank you Leslie for all your help again... always appreciate your quick turnaround time.

Lynda Bachiu
Legal Assistant
MLT Aikins LLP


Thank you so much for great service! Will for sure use your office again. Have a great day!

Kayla Kempert,
Process Server


It was a very nice experience working with you and I'll recommend your services to those who need an excellent service.



Thank you Belinda! You and Bill provided A++ process server service! Have a great weekend yourself.



Hi Leslie, Thank you for all your help! It has been a pleasure dealing with you! I will tell my colleagues to use your company for our service needs in the future. Best of regards,

Taylor Morin
Associate Lawyer
Forte Law Droit


Hello Leslie Great work on the Affidavit notarized. Thank you for mailing the original. Your fast and efficient service on this matter is very much appreciated. Best Regards,

Legal Assistant to Kathy Tarrabain


Have I ever told you how amazing you guys are!

Taylor Somers
Litigation Assistant to Andrew J. Canniff
James H. Brown & Associates LLP


You're a miracle worker Leslie. Thank you so much. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Enjoy your weekend!

Hayley Yorke,
Associate Lawyer
O'Neill Associates
Human Resource, Labour & Employment Lawyers


Thank you Vanessa. I look forward to receiving your affidavits of service and invoice. Nice and prompt work. I will remember your company for next claim I have in Alberta. Have a great day.

Andrei Korottchenko
Isaacs Odinocki LLP, Barristers & Solicitors


Hi Patrick, That's terrific news!! You guys are the BEST!! Thanks a million sir,

Russell Ortiz
First Legal


Lormit Red Deer, You are AMAZING! And effective, I already got a call on this one ๐Ÿ™‚ I will get your invoices paid today. I appreciate your quick action on these. Have a super day!

Laurie Mitchell
Co-operators Group of Companies


Leslie, Thanks for always having our backs in Toronto. I realized it has been almost 15 years that we have working with you and Xavier. Stay safe.

Roberta Quinlan
Mousseau Deluca MacPherson Prince LLP


Thanks for the update. Also, a big thanks to your team. Couldn't ask for better service.

Loretta L. Wagner-Coleman
Mortgage Collections/Paralegal
Taylor MacLellan Cochrane Lawyers


The people at Lormit were very professional and efficient. They very quickly took care of the process serving we needed in a professional and cost efficient manner. I would not hesitate to use any of their services in the future.

Scott Chomistek, CA
Cremers & Elliott


Excellent! Thank you so much. I will definitely contact you again should I need service in Calgary ๐Ÿ™‚ Sincerely,

Jaimie Boroviak
Assistant to A. Leigh McFadden
Mackesy Smye Lawyers


Your office is incredibly efficient, thank you so much! Yours truly,

Kalle Kingsley, Assistant
Leis & Fischer


We are using Lormit - Court runners and Process servers. Contact info: Lormit Calgary: calgary@lormit.com (I copied the manager Vanessa who can definitely help you out, they are awesome). Thank you.

Roushdia Yassine, Paralegal
Pelletier Litigation


Thank you Rena! That was super efficient.

Jaclyn Grace
Legal Assistant
cassidyHEA injury law


Thank you very much for assisting me in having the Defendant served with my claim. Your assistance in this matter was greatly appreciated and as your service was very fast and efficient. Best Regards,

Fabyeon Burgess-Yearwood
Legal Administrator
EOS Canada


You guys are the best, that's why I use you and only you.

Doye de Lauw
Legal Assistant to Teodora Slijepcevic and Alexa M. Posliff
Mousseau DeLuca McPherson Prince LLP


To whom it may concern, I was recently faced with service of my petition for divorce to my ex in Prince Albert, SK. Dan, Vic and the entire team in this office were outstanding to work with. I expected a bit of chasing on their part as my ex has been involved in a less than stable lifestyle however I was able to provide them a confirmation of a live address she was located at yesterday morning and by noon she was served. Fantastic experience from Lormit and the Prince Albert team. Thank you all very much!



Thank you very much for your assistance. I just wanted to pass along a note to let you know that I think you and your team are great! I appreciate that you emailed me to confirm that you received my request and that Bill called me once he served the Defendant, and an AOS was sent to me right away. Your team is very professional and efficient, and I look forward to using your service again! Have a great weekend!

Sarah Pander
Legal Administrative Assistant
McMillan LLP


Thank you Leslie. And a happy Valentines day to you! It's been lovely working with you - if I ever have to serve anyone out your way again, you will be the first I call!

Melanie Charlebois
Legal Assistant
Heritage House Law Office


Lormit came recommended to me from another attorney that handles Hague Convention service matters. I was extremely happy with their level of service, their responsiveness, and their patience with questions. They were efficient, and they communicated with us to make certain that everything was done correctly. I would definitely use them again! They get 5*****!

Adele J.
Jacobs & Wallace PLLC


Thank you so much again Leslie, you really are the best!

Melanie Charlebois
Legal Assistant
Jacobs & Wallace PLLC


Dear Vanessa & Co, Thank you very much for your help with my statement! Enjoy the Tim's! (2) Cards @ 25.00 each. I believe I'll need your co's help again with updates. Sincerely,



Thanks Vanessa, You guys are always so great!

Lisa Mota
Litigation Law Clerk to Pathik Baxi
Simmons da Silva LLP


Thank you so much for your understanding and your excellent service! Take care,

Dayna A. Zaharia
Skinner Law Office


Hi Leslie, I wanted to take a moment to send a huuuge thank you and Tito (and anyone else who may have been involved) for the work you put in on the recent Divorce Order/Certificate file, and for charging us so minimally for all of your efforts! The work and effort that was put into that file is so greatly appreciated, we can't thank you enough! We, as well as our client, are thrilled with the outcome of it all. Yours truly,

Breanne MacFarlane
Divorce Specialist
Untie The Knot Divorce Service


We would like to take this time to say what a wonderful job!! Thank you so much for your speedy service on a difficult matter.

Lois Cairns
Administrative Assistant


Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter and your prompt attention to same. Always a pleasure working with Lormit. Have a wonderful afternoon,

Wendy Rosborough,
Legal Assistant,
Field Law


Thank you so much, Vanessa! Amazing work as always! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks,

Alex King
Court Services Supervisor
West Coast Title Search Ltd.


Thanks again for your incredible service, Vanessa! ๐Ÿ™‚ Regards,

Alex King
Court Services Supervisor
West Coast Title Search Ltd.


Vanessa, Wow thank you so much I am extremely happy about this service! Have a great long weekend. Kindest Regards,

Leanne Cramer
Rodin Law Firm


Darren, You are the best! I really appreciate that! I look forward to receiving your invoice and affidavit. Thanks again!

Cerena Geeraert
Central Collections Assistant Manager
Speedy Cash Head Office


Tito! You are always so on top of the deals sent to you. I really appreciate you being so quick to contact the clients to book the appointments:) Thank you!!

Hollie Thomson
First Canadian Title


Excellent, that was really GREAT work. You truly went above and beyond on this. The client will love this effort. Thank you for doing that.

Brett Metcalfe
International Field Services


The service we received was EXCELLENT! Thank you again!



Hi Rena, I just want to say thank you to you and/or Bill for going over and above on trying to contact them (via Facebook) and just going over and above on other files. Not all process servers I deal with do this and I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate the efforts. Thanks again!

Chanel Gomes
McLennan Ross LLP


Hi Vanessa, As usual, excellent service from Lormit - thanks Vanessa! Sincerely,

Cheryl L. King,
BCPA Registered Paralegal to Kent G. Burnham,
Partner to Christopher Hart,
Associate Nixon Wenger


Hello Tito, Thank you so much! You are definitely someone to count on!!Thank you,

First Canadian Title Company Limited


you guys are amazing!!!!!! really thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

Natalie LeBlanc
First Canadian Title Company Limited


Thank you very much!! Your services has been greatly appreciated.

Kookie Sewell
Legal Secretary for Ann Whiteway Brown, Q.C.
Law Office of Whiteway Brown


Thanks Vanessa, your help is very much appreciated.

Donna C. Purcell, Q.C.
Warren Sinclair LLP
Barrister & Solicitor


Thank you for your services on October 24th. We truly appreciated the ease and confidence provided by Mr. Simpson in Brockville when fulfilling this service for our office. He was very prompt and efficient, given the tight deadlines we were working under at the time. He was also kind enough to follow up with our office following his attendance at the courthouse.

Jennifer Brown
Menlo Law Barristers & Solicitors


Thank you as always! Greg Simpson was great. Really got me out of a Jam!!

Cindy Hindman
Fitzpatrick & Culic


The Red Deer office was amazing last time I used them! Thank you,

Katrina LaMott
Client Services Executive


Good Morning! Success! The master granted an Order Validating Service so we are all good for service. Thank you again for your hard work. Have a great day.

Nadine Rimstad
Office Manager/Legal Assistant
Belzerowski Law Office


Hi Rena, I so appreciated the time you took to initially discuss your company and the service you could provide if this was the route I had to take. Once hired you not only had the individual quickly served but also came up with a solution for me to have the documents sent to and filed in the Calgary Courts. Being from out of Province and working with a looming deadline this was to say the least very stressful. It was such a pleasure talking to you and I can't thank you enough for all that you did to assist me. Hope to meet you one day in my travels to Alberta. My thanks again,

Anita J.


Excellent! Much appreciated. Fantastic work on this-- I've concluded that I just can't go wrong if I work with Lormit affiliates. Many thanks,

Aaron Lukken
Attorney, Managing Member
Viking Advocates, LLC


I just wanted to state that Bill Vanson, who has recently completed three problem services is magnificent at his job. He is a great asset to your company. Thank you.

Linda Reynolds, Professional Paralegal
Head/Litigation Department
Barristers & Solicitors


You are the best!! Much nicer to work with someone as efficient as you. I wish you were in Saskatoon so we could work together more often! You are great! Sincerely,

Brooke Penner
Legal Assistant
Mokuruk & Woods Law Office


Jon, Thank you for being so helpful with all of our Calgary Needs. Cheers!

Becky Alexander, Legal Assistant
Fraser Litigation Group


Hi Darren, Thank you for your professional and reliable service.

David Webber, Legal Assistant
Engel Law Office


Wow, Truly your company has a very reliable service with people who are trustworthy, I will write a review regarding your service and recommend to others. I will also mention your company to my friends who are all working at the law firm. We happened to talk about the process servers, the other day which was mentioned they are also using companies like yours, but I will recommend your company. We will keep in touch thru email, regarding the affidavit, I hope we will meet you and some of the staffs in your company. Keep up the good work. Best regards,

Cielo N.


Hello Vladimir, Thank you again for doing this for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I knew I could count on you to do a great job! Have a wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚

Andrea Tait
Junior Title Officer, Operations
Residential Lending Solutions


Dear Ms. Ramirez: Once again I am at a loss thinking how to thank you for all of your kindness and great help to make me understand in a simple terms what was too much complicated for a naïve person like me. However, I want you to know that your kindness is wholeheartedly appreciated. I thank you a million and after getting another lawyer, I may want to use your services if needed. I am really impressed with the kind and professional way of your handling my requests giving me your precious time and if anybody needed any service like this I definitely will refer them to you. Kindest regards

Laeeq Tahir, MBBS., MD., FRCPC
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine
Dalhousie University, NS


Thank you Leslie, we just completed signing. It was a pleasure to have Kimberly over, she was very professional and pleasant.



Hello, I am not sure who met with the clients late last night, but they have mentioned to the mortgage broker they were very pleased with the service at the appointment and that you were able to do a late signing appointment due to them having to fly in from the USA. THANK YOU.

Krystal Taylor
Title Officer
First Canadian Title


Lormit served the government here in Edmonton, Alberta (Darren Campbell / Lormit Edmonton), my former foster parents in Seba Beach, Alberta (Julie Brown / Lormit Carvel), and hopefully my former adoptive parents in Jarvie, Alberta (Douglas Pearson / Lormit Westlock).Lormit has been wonderful to work with! ๐Ÿ™‚



Thanks for your excellent service. I just got the documents you had sent. Your help was highly appreciated. Endless thanks. More power for your business. More Blessings



John, I really appreciate the great service you provided to assist in getting my court summons documents served.It of course is a very stressful time and your patience, advice and flexibility really helped. It is a great burden you guys have lifted for me. Thanks so much!



Thank you so much. I appreciate the extra effort - that's why I refer you to others.

Louise Muir
Louise E. Muir Professional Corporation


As always, you're awesome!!!

Gaye Saruwatari
Sugimoto & Company


Hi Leslie, I always like it when I have a file you can serve as you always do good work!

Becky Harris
IndCom Leasing Inc.


Thanks for your assistance in this matter Leslie! I have mailed payment. I will definitely use your services again and recommend you to all my clerk friends!

Joylyn Dysievick
Litigation Clerk
MacIvor Harris LLP


ALICIA THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I just heard from the Court of Appeal and they found everything and it's been filed. I really appreciate what you guys do for us and on such short notice! It sucks sometimes being so far away when things seem to be out of control! You guys are amazing and don't ever quit your job!!

Kathy Pastoor
Legal Assistant
Nesbitt Coulter LLP


THANK YOU ALICIA!!!! Please thank Kimberly and Leslie for me. You guys always come through.

Adrienne Burwell
Yach & Associates


Over the course of my almost 30 year career Lormit is the company I always have turned to for these types of things. You provide a great service and I will continue to recommend and use Lormit going forward.

Lindy Grant
Assistant to Geoffrey B. Gomery, Q.C.
and Stephen R. Schachter, Q.C.
Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP


Thank you very much for all your hard work on this matter and for the great service - when in future we require your services I will be in touch.

Jesse Kovach
Legal Assistant
Field Law


Thank you. I really love your company. Such a wonderful service. Thanks again, and I will definitely continue to go with Lormit from now on.

Tu McAmmond


We are a small law firm in Kingston, Ontario dealing in Family Law as well as Wills and Estates. Recently, we have had to get some documents served on a party in Newfoundland. My search for process servers in that province lead me to Lormit Personal Services (Grand Falls-Windsor). I contacted Mr. Bruce Sampson who was most helpful in providing me with approximate cost for the service, timeline to do so as well as other services available to us. I sent the documents as well some information to help identify and locate the party by Xpresspost. We anticipated some problems with the service of those documents as the person is a member of the Canadian Forces. Not so. Within days of my sending the documents, I received a phone call from Mr. Sampson informing that the documents had been served and that the Affidavit of Service and our invoice were in the mail. Impressive to say the least. Mr. Sampson, thank you very much for your professional and efficient service. It was pleasure dealing with you. You came through for us in a way we had not expected. It will be my pleasure to refer your company to anyone in the Kingston area looking for a process server in Newfoundland. Again, thank you very much for the outstanding service you provided us.

Nicole Martin
Legal Assistant

Ménard Law Office


Thank you, pleasure working with you as always.

Linh Pham, LL.B (hons)
Barrister & Solicitor
Merchant Law Group LLP


Thanks for the professional, efficient service. I appreciate you meeting our timelines. Your assistance is most appreciated.

Tracy Mace
Nelson, BC


Thanks Leslie. I appreciate you guys always coming through for me!

Adrienne Burwell
Yach & Associates
Employment Law Professional Corporation


I'm amazed that your company were able to get out such a large document so quickly, I'll definitely be using your service next time I need something served in the Toronto area.

Nathaniel Oelsner
Student at Law
Conroy Trebb Scott Hurtubise LLP


Darren, you are THE BEST! Thank you so much.

Tanya Andrews
Legal Assistant
Merchant Law Group LLP,
Saskatoon, SK


Alicia, We are very happy with your service.

Linh Pham, LL.B (hons)
Merchant Law Group LLP


Great job as always. Thank you!

Erin Kitchen
Anderson Sinclair LLP


Thank you for the prompt service you have given us over the past year! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Becky Harris
IndCom Leasing Inc.


Thank you for the efficient service. My client appreciates it.

Cindy Sawyer
Hainault Gravel Huissiers De Justice Inc.


You guys rock!

Drew Arnott
Mainland Document Services Ltd.


You guys are terrific at your job!

Kathy Pastoor, Legal Assistant
Nesbitt Coulter Law Firm


Awesome .. thank you. Excellent service as always.

Pat Keech, Legal Assistant
Thompson, LeRose & Brown


I compliment your courtesy in all our dealings.

Fergus McNab
Manager/Paralegal | Untie The Knot Divorce Service


Leslie: I am very impressed with your information flow. Keep up the great work. We have an increasing number of clients in Ontario taking advantage of our platinum package, where we have a process server attend the court to file documents. We are fortunate to have good people at your end.

Fergus McNab
Untie The Knot Divorce Service


Hello Patrick, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I prefer to use Lormit for all our process serving needs and I appreciate your attention to this matter. I look forward to a long business relationship. I mailed a cheque for invoice CAK047465 yesterday, you should receive it shortly. Thank you,

Amie Watkins
Assistant to Philippe A. Shink
Shink Family Law


Hi Jean. Lawyers said Affidavits are great. Thank you so much for your great service on this. Please mail your account with the original Affidavits as we'll arrange for payment right away. Regards,

Pat Keech, Legal Assistant
Thompson, LeRose & Brown


Hi Darren, I have received the Affidavit of Service and invoice for your services. I will send payment out today. I just wanted to thank you for your assistance. I don't think we've ever had service this fast before. I won't hesitate to recommend you and to use your services in the future. Thank you very much!! Have a great day!

Amanda Brown
Legal Assistant to James N. Korpan and Darren K. Kraushaar
McDougall Gauley LLP


Good Morning Leslie, I received the affidavit of service today and I appreciate you being so quick. Thank You for all your help. Talk to you soon.

Susan Ward, Paralegal
Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc.


As always your service was great.

Kent Angus
Nike Hockey


Thanks Leslie for submitting and with their flights being on the 22nd they will come out on the 20th that is perfect timing. Thank you again Leslie, As usual Amazing!

Frances Barbe
OneTerra Visas


Good Morning Leslie, Thank you for all your help. I received notice this morning from the Central Divorce registry that my client is already divorced. Who knew? Any services I have in Ontario will definitely go to you as you are always quick to serve and the documents are always correct. Thank You again, talk to you soon.

Susan Ward
Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc.


Hello Darren, We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your excellent service. You and your staff are on fire!! The appointments are scheduled and the signings are completed in record time. Thank you helping us give great customer service ๐Ÿ™‚

Tamara Steeves
Title Officer
First Canadian Title


Your company is so speedy and I really appreciate it! Thank you!

Meaghan Kyte
Assistant to Robert Moss and Sheldon Inkol
Blaney McMurtry LLP


Hi Patrick, Just to let you know that we appreciate the speedy response on this file.

Nadia Graham
Manager, Calgary Operations
First Canadian Title


Many thanks for all your help.

Carol Lesbirel
Oakfield, NS


Excellent thank you for your speedy work!

Candace Pichonsky
Complaints Administrator
Natural Health Practitioners of Canada


Thank you for your excellent services.

Fitzpatrick & Culic, Barristers & Solicitors


Frank and Lise Nisco in the Kingston, Ontario area were very diligent and helpful. Thank you.

Pierrette Cormier
Ellsworth Johnson Phillips


WOW!!! Your office never ceases to amaze me Vergina. Less than 4 hour turnaround is proof of your dedication to go above and beyond for us and our customers. Thank you sooooo much!

Aline Quist
Title Officer, Western Operations
First Canadian Title


Thank you for going above and beyond. Greatly appreciated!

Shayle Rothman
Parnes Rothman LLP


Thank you very much for your help, I am always happy with the work that you do for us.

Daniel Abraham
Assistant to Andrew Graham
Harrison Pensa LLP


Thank you for all of your assistance.

Michelle Kaye, Legal Assistant
John P. Collins, P.A.
Lakeland, FL USA


Rena, I'm so impressed by your efficiency! Thanks so much. We'll definitely keep your company in mind for any future filings we may have.

Charlotte Ferguson
Assistant to Stein K. Gudmundseth, QC and Arpal S. Dosanjh
Gudmundseth Mickelson LLP
Litigation Counsel


I sincerely appreciate the swift and professional handling of my service request. This was a new and unfamiliar experience for me and your expertise made it much less difficult than I ever would have imagined. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone. Regards,

Krista Woodson
Mississauga, ON


If we ever need your variety of services in your area again, we will be happy to use you - I will be sure to recommend Lormit Carvel to my co-workers and other firm colleagues.

Judy Philibert
Legal Assistant to


Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer to my question really appreciated!

Me Valérie Lauzier, avocate
Bureau d'Aide juridique d'Asbestos


Wow - thanks for the quick reply!!Much appreciated.

Desiree Birch
Long Family Law Group


Dear Sirs:Thank you for the prompt and efficient way this matter was handled.Yours very truly,

Sharon J. Clark

Herman, Kloot & Company
Barristers & Solicitors


Excellent. You are fantastic.

Sarah Bellows


Thanks Tim - really appreciate it. This is why I contact you guys all the time you are so efficient.

Diane McCullough
Legal Assistant
McCullough Blazina Dieno Gustafson & Watt


Hi Leslie or Xavier, As we have been very happy with previous services, we are sending you another file. Thank you,

IndCom Leasing Inc.


Good morning Leslie, I am pleased to hear that the 2 remaining services have been completed!! I am grateful that I had used Lormit. Thank you,

Karen Dacanay, Administrative Assistant
Consolidated Civil Enforcement Inc.


Just wanted to say thank you for your service in Cold Lake in such a timely manner. I am mailing out payment today for you. Thank you again.

Michelle Caron
Legal Assistant to John D. Ramsay
Cassidy Ramsay


Hi Myles, Looks you found our man!! Not that I am the least bit surprised. Let me know how you want to proceed. Thanks once again for the best process serving in Alberta!!

Amy MacKenzie
Assistant to:
David C. Witten of:


Hi Cliff, You are awesome!! Thanks again for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Nadia Risdon
First Canadian Title


We wish to thank you for your professionalism and the execution of service of the documents without any delay. This was our first time using your service and we can advise that we will definitely utilize it again in the future should a matter arise that requires service in that area. Thanks again,

Legal Assistant of Elizabeth I. Ollson


Thank you Leslie! I appreciate the hard work and great service.

Shanna Segel
S&W Process Service


You're too good!! Our client don't know how lucky they are to have you on his trail.

Diane Myers
Civil Action Group - International Division


Many Thanks for yours terrific service & very reasonable invoice.

Leilani Hawkins
Tannahill Lockhart & Clark Law LLP


Youz guyz are the best.

Doye de Lauw, Legal Assistant
to Jeffrey W. Nanson and Celina Agüero
Mousseau DeLuca McPherson Prince LLP


Thank you very much Darlene for the prompt and efficient service. Thanks,

Becky Harris
IndCom Leasing Inc.


Wow, you guys work fast! Awesome I must say!! lol

Kathy Pastoor, Legal Assistant
Nesbitt Coulter Law Firm


Leslie: Great job! You guys are on the ball! We look forward to receipt of the signed Affidavit of Service and your account. Thank you for locating him and serving him.

Joyce Maloff, Secretary
Thompson, LeRose & Brown
Barristers and Solicitors


Good morning Myles, Re: Bodkin Leasing v. Suhan Contracting Ltd. et al Further to you email and information, that is great news on the service of the registered office of Suhan Contracting Ltd. and service on Gordon Suhan. Your prompt service and professionalism is much appreciated and we will definitely consider your services for any future work in your area.

Brenda White
Legal Assistant Floater to Terrence M. Warner
Miller Thomson LLP


Hi Leslie), You and your team did such great work, that our job now is made so much easier. Everything is working out well, and we received the documents you sent us. A wonderful holiday to all of you! We appreciate the great work you did on our behalf. Thanks again.

Pamela Campbell, Legal Assistant, McCague Borlack LLP


Hi Patrick, I received my invoice and affidavit of service today. Thank you for your efficiency - this was much easier and quicker than I had anticipated. I will recommend you to others of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Laura McCartney Warner


Dear Sir, Thank you for all the the information you have just provided for me in order to move ahead to serve the papers for custody and child suppport. I do really appreciate it. Sincerely yours,

Amy Olivar,
Los Angeles CA


Hi Len, I just wanted to pass along this email from Aline and express my personal thank you for your partnership with us. Assisting us with our challenging situations has built a great deal of loyalty to your operation, just as we do everything possible to build loyalty with our clients to FCT. You help us make the difference. ----- Begin forwarded message ----- From: Aline Quist Hi Nadia, I just want to share my appreciation for Len and his office (Lormit ®Saskatoon). They're always so willing to help on any file and they've been especially helpful on several rushes I've sent their way. One in particular just recently. I had a really hard time getting the payout statement early enough to give enough time for signing. I have to close this file (pay the 3rd party) by Monday November 1st and I wasn't able to send documents until October 27th. I contacted Len's office late yesterday afternoon asking if it was possible to email over a rush signing. They were more than accommodating and luckily they were able to get ahold of the client right away. I had asked that they fax me the signed documents by Friday morning so I can request funds, cut cheques and send payout in Friday courier. They were able to schedule an appointment for today at 1pm and they're faxing the documents to me this afternoon which gives me more than enough time to close this deal on time. I really, really appreciate their ability and willingness to accommodate these sometimes unavoidable rushes.Aline Quist, Title Officer, Western Operations First Canadian Title----- End forwarded message -----

Nadia Risdon, Manager, Calgary Operations
First Canadian Title


Good Morning Rena: Thank you for the excellent prompt service. I will definately refer Lormit to the rest of the office for our out of town process serving. Take care for now,

Sharron De Souza, Legal Assistant


Perhaps your office will remember the file we had to serve on Kent *****. He was about to leave the country for China and they wanted him served before he left. No address, only that he lived in Hinton, did not know where he worked, BUT with some sleuthing I found his workplace only to find he had left for Edmonton, and then to Westlock to a restaurant there. Your office stepped up and went looking and was successful in serving him before he left for China, YES!!


Well Done. "Excellent Job"

Warren, Andwell Collection Services


Hi Rena, I received your fax, thank you very much. I appreciate your help in this matter and I would definately use your services again. I will attend to getting that Invoice into the right hands for payment. Thanks again for the great service.

Liz Gorczyca, Legal Secretary, Government of Yukon


Hi Leslie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your flawless service and Affidavit of Services you did for me! You would be absolutely shocked at how many times I send divorces to be served out of Calgary and they come back wrong or with mistakes! To be honest; you are probably the FIRST one that I have not had to send back (and I have sent out many). You make my job so much easier and I really, really appreciate it. Sincerely;

Shantelle Soto, Uncontested Divorces


Thank you for your prompt and efficient assistance with serving the Statement of Claim in the above action. Yours very truly,

Gary J. Bigg Professional Corporation


Legal Aid Alberta would like to thank you for continued support and outstanding service in the past year. Yours truly,

Don Davidge, Legal Aid Alberta


Re: Motion Record Perfect, thanks Leslie! Great job, as usual. Have a great long Easter weekend.

Tina Keeley, Litigation Assistant
Nesbitt Coulter LLP


Ms. Novak, you are my hero.

Caroline Meyer
Thomson, Rogers - Barristers & Solicitors


Leslie, Thank you so much for all of your assistance... greatly appreciated. Will definitely use your services in the future.

Cindy Schultz, Legal Assistant to Gary Stern
Walsh & Company


Rodney, Thank you so much for your prompt service. Rest assured, unlike the person you just served, payment will be in the mail as soon as I receive the invoice. Thanks again,

Annette Wilson, BSW, RSW
Care Coordinator
Direct Family Support for Children


Re: Court document retrieval - RUSH REQUEST Woohooo, thank you so much!!!! You are the best!!!! My client will definitely be thrilled.

Judy Nunn, Civil Action Group


You are awesome!!! I have only good things to say about my experiences with your office (Lormit Red Deer). I will also share the good word around our office. TX!

Dori Rothery, Legal Assistant
Field LLP


Morning Leslie, Again thanks for all you have done and the quick service you provided. We will remain in contact with any future work we require and also recommend your services to others.

Bill Sciammarella
Detek Investigative Group Inc.


Attention: Jean Payne, Dear Madam, Thank you very much for the excellent service that your process server, Brendan Bennett, provided to our offices in personally serving Mr. R-----. As noted in your correspondence, we appreciate the extra effort and time that was done in order to locate Mr. R----- as we only provided very limited information to you with respect to Mr. R-----. Thank you. Yours very truly,

Peterson Krochak
Barristers & Solicitors


We have strong and reliable relationship with the Lormit® Toronto Branch (Ramirez) which always go head over feet to give us best possible service and who promptly help and inform us of any problems. Again, thanks for your good service.

Christine Allaire, Nadon & Nadon, Avocats


Good afternoon, As the Out of Area Process Serving Coordinator for West Coast Title Search Ltd., I have had the opportunity to work with a number of process serving agents from around the world. It is very important to me to be able to put the work in the capable hands of a server that I feel confident will get the job done. I have had the extreme pleasure to work with Lormit® Nelson, British Columbia. Not only have they exceeded my expectations, but they have repeatedly gone above and beyond the call of duty. There was one occasion that stands out in my mind where the server and I were corresponding throughout the entire work day, waiting for my client to provide documents for 10 rush services in a small town about a couple hours drive from Nelson. Once the client had it clear as to what needed to be done, I put my trust in Lormit Nelson to try and meet the client's deadline of 23:59 that same day, after receiving the documents around 3:30 / 4 that afternoon. The next day I was very happy to hear from the server that all services were completed well before the deadline. I can't tell you how pleased I was, and in turn how pleased the client was. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a process server - long hours on the road, hiking through snow and mud, searching for unmarked homes, and countless other obstacles. Whenever I have a service that is anything but routine, I trust in Lormit Nelson to get the job done - and if for some reason they are not able, I know that they have done everything possible to try and get the service done. I stand behind my process servers, especially those that continually rise to the challenge and go beyond what is expected, and I can tell you that I truly appreciate and value all of their hard work - especially when it comes to working with Lormit Nelson. Sincerely,

Nicole Soltys
Out of Area Process Serving Co-ordinator
West Coast Title Search Ltd.


That is GOOD NEWS... many thanks for your efforts, you guys are absolutely fabulous.

Christine Allaire, Nadon & Nadon Avocats


Hi Leslie, Thank you so much for the immediate response. The Affidavit of Service is perfect. Excellent job!

Adrianna, Bennett Best Burn LLP


Hi Edna, I just want to thank you for your exceptional service on this rush file. Regards,

Dianne, Price-Langevin & Associates


Oh, I'm so, so glad we're doing business together, Leslie. I feel confident that we have a bright future. I'm thrilled that you successfully served Mr. S------ last Friday and that you've sent me the stuff via courier. Again, THANKS TONS, Leslie - you're a star!

Elisabeth E. Paterson, Miller Thomson LLP


Thank you so much Don. You far exceeded my expectations. I honestly didn't think we would be able to get any of them, never mind all of them served!! Thanks so much. My client is VERY pleased. Have a good weekend.

Leslie Ord, Action Process Serving


"Your website looks excellent"

Stuart Bridges, Editor
Varsity Publications
Oxford, UK


Thanks for the great service.

Dave Marsh
Brit-Mar Construction
Oakville, Nova Scotia


Thank you Rodney for serving this. I just got it today and have processed it. You were very fast and efficient.

Lorraine J Holden, Legal Assistant
Legal Aid, Newfoundland


Hi Rodney, You are so efficient !! Thanks for your help again. Have a great day, Thanks,



Dear Tim, I am writing on behalf of the provincial Attendance Board to congratulate you on your company's excellent service to Alberta Education. The staff of Governance Support Branch indicates that they can enquire as to the status of a file and, within a very short space of time, your staff provides us with the information we need. In cases where we require an Affidavit of Service for a hearing, they are always willing to fax a copy to us. Finally, the staff at Lormit® is pleasant in their dealing with us and we always receive prompt service for our documents. As you can see from the positive comments above, we want to recognize and applaud the great service we are receiving from your staff. As you know we live in a day when customers are quick to point out when service is less than ideal, but they may not always let you know when things are on track. We wanted you to know that we value the service we receive and we look forward to working with you in the years ahead. Way to go! Sincerely,

Rick Hayes, Director
Governance Support Branch
Alberta Education


Good Morning Leslie. I was the one here at APS who first 'discovered' you and Lormit, and you made such a good impression that we've been using Lormit all over Canada ever since. Thanks,

Diane Myers
Civil Action Group, Ltd.
Minneapolis, MN